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The Rockford Brand


The Rockford Brand

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The Rockford Brand

          The ROCKFORD brand

A project initiating a system of support encouraging craft entrepreneurship.  A system envisioned as a business partnership of individuals, each providing a necessary component of economic viability.  The Rockford Brand would be a trademark of products REPURPOSED primarily from materials generated from residential and industrial DECONSTRUCTION activities.  The effort is directed with a focus towards the establishment of a workforce created from previously unemployed or underemployed individuals engaged in related, integrated activities producing services and products supporting livable wages: REAL JOBS!

The ROCKFORD Brand will encompass quality repurposed furniture, artifacts, and other marketable, repurposed products and materials.  Included will be activities surrounding recycling of deconstructed materials: lumber, bricks, metals, shingles, drywall, concrete, asphalt, and more …  long term vision is to encourage an industry capable of reusing previously manufactured materials while rebuilding our residential and commercial infrastructure with energy efficient, environmentally healthy structures.  This effort will add a variety of NEW LIVING WAGE JOBS, while simultaneously limiting Rockford’s carbon footprint.

BUSINESS MODEL:  The ROCKFORD BRAND will be an association of independent business persons linked together by a common economic thread.  Fueled by the emerging green industry of DeConstruction/ReConstruction/Repurposing, this association will be the product of the support necessary for the creation of an entire industry here-to-fore non-existing.  It will encompass the services of DeConstruction, ReConstruction, transportation, warehousing, craftsmanship, marketing, retailing, equipment operating, as well as support services for these independent business people. 

SKY’S THE LIMIT INC:  The role of this corporation will be to recruit and support the emergence of these business persons with a
surrounding culture, nourishing the individuals according to their possessed aptitudes, guiding them into the associations necessary for economic success and fostering the vision among the Rockford Communities’ diverse, energetic support agencies. EXCELLENCE EVERYWHERE FOR EVERYONE!


THE VISION:  Recognizing the limitations imposed by the reduced need for human energy in our manufacturing sector, this vision is to engage available human energy in productive vocations recognized as solutions towards healthy, environmentally friendly lifestyles for mankind.  


THE ROCKFORD BRAND:  Recognizing the need for increased living wage jobs as a component of building a healthy community, THE BRAND will be the catalyst to harmonize the efforts of diverse community organizations around a common outcome:  The creation of NEW JOBS utilizing the green philosophy of reusing previously manufactured materials, engaging the labor of previously unemployed or under employed individuals and addressing the last century’s abuse of the planet’s natural ability to support an abundance of human needs.  

Peace through purpose --> re-purpose.