SKY’S THE LIMIT INC:  The role of this corporation will be to recruit and support the emergence of these business persons with a 
surrounding culture, nourishing the individuals according to their possessed aptitudes, guiding them into the associations necessary for economic success and fostering the vision among the Rockford Communities’ diverse, energetic support agencies. EXCELLENCE EVERYWHERE FOR EVERYONE! 

BACKGROUND:  Sky’s The Limit Inc. was contracted by The Community Action Agency of Winnebago and Boone Counties to coach previously underserved individuals in the art of DeConstruction and Repurposing.  The project extended to 15 individuals who proceeded to DeConstruct much of the interior walls and structures at the City owned Barber Coleman facility creating very marketable items in the process.  (See accompanying brochure)  The project exhausted its funding Sept. 30, 2015.  This effort is intended to springboard off this project. It will utilize many of the same individual participants.  Combined with the funding now being provided by Winnebago Co. in support of the Preston Street Employment Center as a HOME BASE for continuing activities, it now has a running start for the establishment of a viable industry capable of offering substantial employment opportunities.

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